Expedition into the Realm of your Subconscious Mind!


We are partially aware of our conscious mind but totally unaware of our subconscious mind. The workings of which govern our emotional and mental state. We seemingly have no control over our thoughts and emotions and the manifestation in our lives. 

In this Expedition you will delve into the very depths of your subconscious and ferret out the negative “triggers” that make us what we are. It is a commonly accepted fact that humans are negative in their general approach to life and a positive approach is indeed a rarity. By eliminating the negative triggers, positivity will the become the norm. 

When: November 1-7, 2018

Where: The Matopos, Matobo National Park, Zimbabwe.

Expedition all inclusive of: Workshop, meals, accommodation, transport and safari activities.

Significance of the Matopo’s:

Zimbabwe is known as a land of animal safaris, resplendent with wildlife and natural beauty. But, what is almost forgotten is this natural wonder of the world, the Matopos. It is here that the Umlima shared with the continent the infinite wisdom of the Universe. Tribal chiefs would visit this mystical figure and seek her advice on subjects of governance, agriculture and warfare. The Umlima was this continent’s connection to the Divine. It is in this hallowed place that we will partake of the Divine wisdom and energy to guide us to uncover our true selves befret of negativity and once again assume the childlike innocence of our infancy.



Join this expedition and explore the deepest recesses of your conscious and sub-conscious mind! Find and remove the blocks that keep your from harmonizing with the Universe. It is not about doing, rather it is about undoing. 

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