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Early man did not have access to doctors and medicines. He relied on healing energy. He was instinctively aware that there was a force that caused him and all the creatures around him to have life. He had implicit childlike faith in the concept of birth, life and death. This acceptance of the cycle of life kept him in harmony with the Universe. The Divine energy of the Universe flowed through him and healed him.

Energy healing is just that: opening the patient to the Divine healing energy of the Universe. This energy enters the body via “chakras“.

The healer acts as a conduit of the Divine healing energy to the patient. This does not mean that the patient cannot access it himself. Healing energy is available to all equally.  However, modern man tends to rely on his mind and his own abilities rather than the Universe. This causes disharmony, i.e. vibrating at a frequency different from that of the Universal Frequency.

The role of the healer is to channel the Divine healing energy circumventing the blocks created by the mind. As the Divine healing energy enters the body via the chakras, it displaces congested and diseased energy from the ailing organs and energizes the organs with fresh revitalizing energy.

This infusion of fresh revitalizing energy brings the body back into harmony with the Universe. This is called Healing.


 To avail of this healing energy, the patient must contact the healer and request a healing. Today, it is relatively easy to get in touch thanks to the advances in communication technology. However, connectivity or the time of day may make it difficult for the patient to get in contact with the healer. 

“APPHEALING“ is an energy healing app that has been permanently connected to world renowned healer, Patrick San Francesco. Once you download “Apphealing“, Patrick is connected to your device. All you have to do is touch the icon and he is ready and waiting 24 x 7 to send you Healing Energy.


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