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Machu Picchu 

Join this exciting expedition in Machu Picchu, which is an energy vortex of the earth and during this auspicious time of the Solstice when the celestial energy is at its most potent! 

You can choose to dive deep into the recesses of the sub-conscious mind and become a vortex of energy, or explore the infinite realm of Super-consciousness, donning the indigo cloak of the Universe and shine like its brightest star! You also have the option to be in full consciousness while expanding to eternity by doing one or both expeditions.

Expedition all inclusive of: Workshop, meals, accommodation, transport and tours.


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EXPEDITION 1: June 12-18, 2019

We are partially aware of our conscious mind but totally unaware of our subconscious mind. The workings of which govern our emotional and mental state. We seemingly have no control over our thoughts and emotions and the manifestation in our lives. 

In this Expedition you will delve into the very depths of your subconscious and ferret out the negative “triggers” that make us what we are. It is a commonly accepted fact that humans are negative in their general approach to life and a positive approach is indeed a rarity. By eliminating the negative triggers, positivity will the become the norm.  



EXPEDITION 2: JUNE 18-24, 2019

Break through your mortal barriers and expand your consciousness to the limitless Universe. Let your spirit travel beyond the furthest star. Experience the ever widening concentric circle of your conscious self. Explore the wide open spaces of the Universe hitherto never explored. Wear the indigo cloak of outer space yet shining like the brightest star. 



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