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What is Thanksgiving Day to me?

Ostensibly we are supposed to give thanks on this one day. The strange phenomenon is that out of 365 days out of the year, 364 days go by with us asking for favors from the Universe and only one day is dedicated to giving thanks for the 364 days. Doesn't this seem a little out of balance? And for favors received, we wait for a year before we acknowledge thanks. And to whom are we thankful to anyway?

Putting this in human perspective, if you do a favor for a friend and they only show gratitude after a year, how would it seem to you? And are we truly thankful or are we just thinking about merriment? Gratitude is not merely saying, "Thank you" it's about passing along the blessings we have received so that all may share and partake in the bliss that we feel. 

Let's not reserve one day in the year to give thanks. Let's be thankful for EVERY DAY OF OUR LIVES, FOR EVERY BREATH!

Do I need to take a sabbatical in order to take stock of my life?

To be introspective is to look within oneself. And what would you expect to find?

What tools would you use to search within yourself? And should you find something, what would you do with it? You don't need to take "time out" to probe inside your mind. You are what you are and you can change at anytime should you wish. You do not need introspection to change.

I worry that my lack of education may prevent me from being successful

Comparing your academic achievements with others and fear of losing your job to those more educated than you is a common cause of stress. 

Your job may be your comfort zone based on what you feel you are capable of. Fear of changing this mindset may be limiting your true potential. Losing your job because of your lack of education may not be as disastrous as you think or are made to believe. Maybe it's the Universe's way of telling you that there are other avenues to be explored.  

Here's a true story: Peter (name changed) worked all his life as an assistant in a garment store. When the owner died and his son took over, he fired Peter from his job because he was not educated and didn't know how to operate computers. Peter was desolate. He wondered from store to store looking for a job but no-one would hire him because he was not educated. After a fruitless day of searching for jobs and feeling very thirsty, he went in search of a soft drink. To his surprise, he could find no stores selling soft drinks. So the next day he hired a stand in the area and began to sell them himself. A year later Peter received a call from his bank manager. The manager asked him if he wanted the bank to invest his money for him as he had accumulated half a million dollars. Peter told the bank manager that he knew nothing about investing because he was not educated. Shocked, the bank manager replied, "If you could make half a million dollars being uneducated, can you imagine how much you would have made if you were educated?" After a long pause Peter said, "If I were educated, I would still be an assistant in a store." 

So, losing one's job may be a wake up call that there are other options in life. Maybe it is time to get out of the rut. Take heart from Peter's story and become innovative, not frustrated.  

How can I get my mind to ignore itself?

There is a Japanese concept "Muyshin No-Shin" which roughly translated means, "The mind does not acknowledge the mind". 

The mind is a projection of the brain, the brain is an organ which serves as a receptacle for the 5 senses. Consequently, the mind can operate from data received from these 5 senses. It is commonly known that the senses can be fooled. For example, a magician is always fooling your senses. If the senses can be fooled then the data received by the brain cannot be relied upon. The brain thus transmutes to the mind in which we place such great importance.

The mind is the origin of thought. Thoughts are electrical impulses that are stimulated by the 5 senses. Since there is a constant stimulation of the senses, there is a constant flow of thought. Both random and deliberate thought are the result of this stimulation.

To apply the concept of "Muyshin No-Shin" one must ignore random thought and focus on deliberate thought. The question one may ask now is, "How does one differentiate between deliberate and random thought?" When there is a thought in response to a direct stimulation in the present tense, that is deliberate thought. When a thought passes through the mind seemingly from nowhere, it is random thought.

An example of random thought is as follows. You are driving to your office and you barely notice a lady putting her child on the school bus. Your mind drifts to your younger days when you used to put your children on the bus. You now reminisce of how they have grown up and moved away and barely keep in touch. This makes you feel sad. Your mind takes note of the negative feeling and you don't realize why suddenly you feel depressed. An example of deliberate thought is as follows. You feel a hollow sensation in your stomach and you realize that you have missed your meal. You respond by going in search of food. 

Do not allow the mind to lose focus, instead keep your thoughts in direct response to the present. Only then will you be free of mental chatter!

How can I gain clarity about what I must do in life?

Emotions cloud one's vision and thus creates an opacity. To understand one's purpose in life is the simplest of tasks. To fulfill that purpose is the most difficult. What use is it in knowing one's purpose when once known, every excuse is given and sought to avoid fulfillment of that purpose.

The ultimate purpose in life is fulfilled when one dies. Death is inevitable yet we are constantly trying to stave it off. But whilst awaiting the inevitable there is a bigger purpose to be fulfilled and that is, DO WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE AND DO IT NOW. One does not need clarity of thought to see what needs to be done in their immediate vicinity. When a child is hungry, the parent does not seek clarity on what needs to be done.

This applies to one's daily life. See the opportunities all around you and ACT. Don't spend too much time weighing the pro's and cons. Opportunities present themselves to you because they are FOR you! Don't second guess yourself or allow your emotions to have precedence over what you should or shouldn't do in life. 

Welcome to the new gateway to the essence of life, brought to you by THE FIRST PRINCIPLE!

This gateway provides you with all you need to create your own window to life. With a philosophy that will be created by you and for you so that you shall be complete. Visit this gateway to avail of it's wonderful tools.

The First Principle was, is and shall always be, "Man was born free and shall always remain free". This is the right of every human being. The First Principle shows you how to avail of this basic right to freedom. It expands your consciousness with the realization that you are less to no-one or not more than anyone. It truly sets you on the path to oneness by enabling you to resonate with the Universal frequency.

Why do I get angry?

Before we question why we get angry or why people or situations make us angry, we should ask ourselves, "Why do we lack peace?"

In todays world, to be peaceable in certain situations when anger is supposed to be the expected response, it is considered to be a weakness. To show any vulnerability is considered to be a weakness. When, in actuality, the capacity to expose one's vulnerability denotes innate strength and completeness. 

The stronger person is usually the first to admit to one's fault and apologize. When one is angry, one cannot be happy. Anger is like a fire that requires fuel. The fuel that is burned for anger is happiness. Anger is a luxury that one cannot afford! Even when one is feeling peaceable in a given situation, often well meaning friends or relatives will goad one to respond with "righteous" anger. To respond to provocation with anger is to have conceded that the provocateur has won. The strongest person is slow to anger and quick to forgive.

To maintain one's peace in an angry world is like being an oasis in a desert. True power is having strength yet not having to use it, thus is a peaceable man.