Welcome to the new gateway to the essence of life, brought to you by THE FIRST PRINCIPLE!

This gateway provides you with all you need to create your own window to life. With a philosophy that will be created by you and for you so that you shall be complete. Visit this gateway to avail of it's wonderful tools.

The First Principle was, is and shall always be, "Man was born free and shall always remain free". This is the right of every human being. The First Principle shows you how to avail of this basic right to freedom. It expands your consciousness with the realization that you are less to no-one or not more than anyone. It truly sets you on the path to oneness by enabling you to resonate with the Universal frequency.

Why do I get angry?

Before we question why we get angry or why people or situations make us angry, we should ask ourselves, "Why do we lack peace?"

In todays world, to be peaceable in certain situations when anger is supposed to be the expected response, it is considered to be a weakness. To show any vulnerability is considered to be a weakness. When, in actuality, the capacity to expose one's vulnerability denotes innate strength and completeness. 

The stronger person is usually the first to admit to one's fault and apologize. When one is angry, one cannot be happy. Anger is like a fire that requires fuel. The fuel that is burned for anger is happiness. Anger is a luxury that one cannot afford! Even when one is feeling peaceable in a given situation, often well meaning friends or relatives will goad one to respond with "righteous" anger. To respond to provocation with anger is to have conceded that the provocateur has won. The strongest person is slow to anger and quick to forgive.

To maintain one's peace in an angry world is like being an oasis in a desert. True power is having strength yet not having to use it, thus is a peaceable man. 

Could I be a doctor/lawyer/mother?...

To a patient/client/child?...                                                                                                      

Humanity is that child that needs nurturing. Humanity is that patient that needs healing. Humanity is that client that needs a voice.

If our actions go beyond ourselves and our near and dear, we begin to impact a larger being, that is humanity. If we nurture others with love and kindness, then we are a mother to humanity. If we speak for those who have no voice, then we are advocating for humanity. If we care for the sick and infirm, we are doctors to humanity. 

If each one of us played these roles, and dispensed more love and understanding, there would be less strife, hunger, poverty and discrimination in the world. This would also be a legacy of peace and happiness for generations yet unborn.



Why do I react to others' opinions about me?

The basis of our reaction is insecurity.

From childhood we have been conditioned to compare ourselves with others. Our parents and teachers have constantly set benchmarks for us. These benchmarks are in keeping with the norms and conventions of society. We judge ourselves according to these norms and thereby lose our individuality. We become dependent on what society terms as normalcy.

What is normal for one may not be normal for another. Normalcy is relative. For example, if we try to adopt an ancient philosophy to our current life, it may not suit because it is someone else's philosophy and belongs in a different era.

If you were to look at the moon, where would you seek it? In the sky, of course! Not in a "pond" for it's reflection. The "pond" is somebody else's view and opinion. Look in the sky, do not react and do not be a puppet!

How do I heal myself?

I am healing myself all the time, only I don't know it. 

When my knee hurts I rub it with my hand. I am transferring pure energy from my hand to my knee. That's self healing. 

When you cut your finger you put it in your mouth. No one has taught you, but your saliva contains an antiseptic. 

When someone tells you something you don't like, you fold your hands across your chest and block your solar plexus. The solar plexus is the center for negative emotions. No one has taught you that. You just know it.

All this is done by the spiritual self. 

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