July 5 and 6- ONLINE Power Living 1 Workshop, Santa Barbara, CA


July 5 and 6- ONLINE Power Living 1 Workshop, Santa Barbara, CA


This 2 day Power Living Workshop is about receiving energy from the 7th Dimension in the form of 11 Gifts. These gifts are about getting rid of anger, stress, fear and other similar negative emotions and replacing them with LOVE, PEACE, HAPPINESS & KINDNESS. This is not an energy healing workshop, however participants will learn to heal whole communities and positively affect the energy of the environments around them.

The 11 Gifts are:

  • Opening of the 3rd eye

  • Reading the energy behind words and understanding the intentions thereof

  • Infusing oneself and others with love and wisdom, and eliminating stress,

    fear, anger, etc.

  • Raising the consciousness of one or more persons at will

  • Regulating body temperature through breath

  • The gift of wisdom

  • The gift of happiness

  • Healing communities

  • Activating the body to receive ambient energy and metabolize it, thus

    negating the need to obtain nutrition from food

  • Replacing the Kundalini Energy with pure, incorruptible energy

  • Widening the crown chakra to the width of your shoulders so that you always walk

    in a column of Divine energy.

When: Friday, July 5 AND Saturday, July 6, 2019, 7:00pm-11:00pm PDT (Pacific Daylight Time or GMT-7)

Where: ONLINE only!

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