What is Thanksgiving Day to me?

Ostensibly we are supposed to give thanks on this one day. The strange phenomenon is that out of 365 days out of the year, 364 days go by with us asking for favors from the Universe and only one day is dedicated to giving thanks for the 364 days. Doesn't this seem a little out of balance? And for favors received, we wait for a year before we acknowledge thanks. And to whom are we thankful to anyway?

Putting this in human perspective, if you do a favor for a friend and they only show gratitude after a year, how would it seem to you? And are we truly thankful or are we just thinking about merriment? Gratitude is not merely saying, "Thank you" it's about passing along the blessings we have received so that all may share and partake in the bliss that we feel. 

Let's not reserve one day in the year to give thanks. Let's be thankful for EVERY DAY OF OUR LIVES, FOR EVERY BREATH!